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David has now combined his love of reading, his love of history and his life experiences into a new career as an author. His memoir, “The Championship“, chronicles his years as a University of South Carolina football player from 1965 through their ACC championship year of 1969. More than just a football story, the novel gives a glimpse of what life was like for a scholarship athlete going to college, joining a fraternity, traveling to southeastern Alaska for summer work as a game warden and growing to maturity during the 60’s era “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.”

And, has now completed the 2nd of a three volume series in historical fiction; “The Rice Kings, Book Two, Charleston.” This series of novels follow the lives, loves, adventures, failures and successes of the Lucas Family during more than 250 years, beginning in the British Empire and the newly created United States of America. This saga of a British/American family will have you waiting impatiently for the next episode of their adventures.